Has anyone taken the ATI review course?

  1. i'm just wondering if anyone has used the ati review for the nclex? my school has been giving us ati review books for each semester of nursing but i rarely use them. however, i saw in a magazine that ati offers an nclex review also. i tried to do a search for it here but i couldn't find any info about it. if someone has taken it can you tell me how it is? is it worth it?

    here's 2 links:



    i'm thinking hte second link looks better for me since i already have most of the books. i just wanted to get some opinions on this nclex review from ati.
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    Hi there! My school required ATI to help us in our NCLEX review. Honestly, I didn't find it helpful at all. I felt that the ATI was mostly for content review. I remember taking predictor exams during the senior year, and the first predictor said that i had a 96% chance of passing NCLEX the first time. The second we took...it was harder and after taking it my chances dropped down to 74% chance of passing NCLEX the first time. It got me down, but after i graduated..i studied Saunders and Kaplan together and passed NCLEX my first time July 13 with 75 questions. Personally ATI wasn't helpful for me, but i know there have been people on this forum who used ATI as well and they found it useful. Good luck with the studying!