guyz, i need ur opinion!

  1. hi there! im done with saunders book i tried answering those questions and got good scores so using kaplan trainer and my scores ranges from 69-71%..some says that in order to be confident on the exam u need to scores at least 75%..whew!! tell me, what will i do now?? what other books or any tips especially for those who take the exam on april and at this point my heart is really beating fast plus the fact that they will raise the passing scores...oh my! pls help i still normal???:roll thanks guyz, hope u find time giving me advices...and pls pray for me!!!
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    there is no certain % that will tell you that you will 100% pass nclex. nclex questions are entirely different altho sometimes similar to the practice questions that most of us are using. altho ofcourse the higher you scores on the practice test, the more confident you will become which will help the anxiety to become less. which is good really.

    calm down, relax, pray, take a deep breath...believe that you will pass and it shall be done to u...God bless...and best of luck to all of us...