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  1. Hi everyone out there in the nursing world! Does anyone have a clue how to pass lvn boards in california?? My daughter (who was a straight A student) is getting ready to test for the second time!?!? HELP
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    hello! key in passing is to study and to study and to practice and pray, and eat healthy, and pray and study:spin: i wasnt able to make it the first try and hopefully the next time will be a good one

    your daughter will not have problems passing. she's a straight A! and thats sweet! she just need to review all that she have learned from school and she'll be ok. My sister in law passed LVN the first try with 85 questions. shes a straight A student as well. she is working at the same time reviewing.

    best of luck to your daughter.