Frustrated with the CA BRN

  1. I guess this would be a vent of sorts. I graduated at the end of August from an accelerated BSN program. From what I understand, our school sent our cohort's applications out about the 3rd week of August. Some of my classmates received their ATTs within a few weeks, and some have already taken their NCLEX and passed. Seems like most already have received their ATTs in the past few weeks. I literally have been studying almost everyday since I graduated (Kaplan, Saunders, NCLEX 4000 and PDA), and have been doing pretty well with them, and I also had an ATI exit score that said that I have a 92% chance of passing on the first try. Needless to say, I feel pretty ready to take the test.

    I still haven't received my ATT yet, and according to my call to the BRN yesterday, my app was out of enforcement on Oct 8th and was already in licensing, which means that everything has been cleared. I will add that I did have a texting ticket that I paid late, making the ticket over $300 and an accident (not my fault), so we were advised to send a letter explaining these issues to the BRN. No DUI, no speeding tickets, no felonies, etc.

    Also, I have already been hired at the hospital I have been working at for awhile to be in a new grad program in the ED, and we had our first day of nursing orientation today (no actual nursing care, just paperwork, etc). They want me to get this out of the way so that when I get my license, I can start patient care right away. It is such a tease, really.

    Has anyone had this problem? I know I can't possibly be the only one, or at least hope someone can shed some light on this situation. I've already paid my $$ through Pearson Vue, so I'm all set. I just can't help but feel so helpless and frustrated with my situation. Sorry for such a long post, and thanks for reading!!
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  3. by   begosh
    I'm sorry you're going through all this. I'm sure there are those in this forum who may have experienced a similar situation and can shed some light.

    I am a foreign grad and applied with CA BRN years ago. I did not pass my first NCLEX RN exam (yearssss ago) and since we were stationed overseas for a number of years, my application was deleted from their system. Fast forward to June 2009, I re-applied again with CA BRN and my school resubmitted ALL the documents. However, I did not hear back from them. Unable to get a live person on the phone, I flew out to Sacramento to visit family and took this opportunity to follow up (Sept 2009). Thank goodness I did, because they did have ALL the documents needed. But due to the reduced number of work hours/days, it took them awhile to get caught up with their workload/notifications. While I was there, I submitted fingerprints, pictures and whatever else they needed. 10 days later, I got my ATT.

    Yes, it's frustrating. But don't let this get in the way of your studies. Good luck to you!