free online NCLEX questions?

  1. I searched through this forum and found an old thread with this website:

    HOWEVER, it is now password protected (I think it was not supposed to be available to the public b/c it is linked to Emory School of Nursing). It was awesome while it lasted though!!

    I am just looking for questions that I can select catagories to answer before I take a classroom test...not truly preparing for the NCLEX yet. I do have the Saunders book but I love the online format.

    I also found this website:

    The only problem with it, there are only 25 q's per catagory...the questions don't change if you retake the quiz. Not enough of a variety.

    Does anyone else have any websites they recommend?


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  3. by   ArielleLVN
    I tryed thouse Websides and was not able to open.
  4. by   RNKay31
    They were good while they lasted, but now the owner got a whole of it, wishing you all the best.