Free nclex results in Indiana Fast

  1. HI I just took my nclex-pn this shut off at 85...either i passed it well or bombed the heck outta it...anyway at least I won't have to wait to long to find out....My friend took her boards last tueday and her "un-official" restults were posted that evening and she got walllet size license a week later. Another friend student took her nclex last wed. and got her "un-offical" results the next morning.....IT'S FREE.....If u live in Indiana Indiana State Board of Nursing....and then go to license search.....put in your, address, etc....and it will either say status pending or it will give u your new license number......I have also heard of other web-sites where u can get quick results for 7.95 via web or 9.85 viz phone..(900) number. Why pay when u can go to the state board. Hope this helps-it sure beats waiting a month to find out....goood luck everyone.........
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  3. by   mom2michael
    How nice of them - most states are VERY SLOW in the process of updating their websites, I know several neighboring states only post 1x per week with updates, so it can take weeks to see your name on-line.

    The state where I live it can take 7-28 days to post on-line - so I paid the $7.95 to find out 48 hours after I tested. I ended up with a license number 4 days after I tested (who knew they would be this speedy????) but I couldn't take the stress anymore and wanted an answer as soon as possible.
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  4. by   randybayrn
    You guys are so lucky that you have this option. In CA we don't have quick results by phone or website and the BRN is not fast at updating the site and license verification. Still waiting. Wish me luck.