For those who didn't pass the NCLEX exam???

  1. This is a sensitive question for some. However, it will help others determine where they stand when they take the NCLEX exam based on your overall performance during your nursing program.

    For those of you who didn’t pass the NCLEX exam, I would like to know how you did during your nursing program and on the HESI exit examination.

    I wanted to benchmark my grades to some other people’s grades to see where I stand when I take my NCLEX examination.

    As for me, I received 20% A’s, 45% B’s, 25% C’s, and 10% D’s on my exams for med-surg, ob, peds, community, psy.

    As for my HESI test, we had to take it at the end of the class and I scored anwhere from 60% - 86% was my highest.

    My exit HESI exam was 60%, which is pretty sad and embarrassing. However, I did not study one bit for it and I winged it.

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  3. by   tflorn
    My grades were pretty much the same. I did not pass on my 1st attempt, my nerves had a LOT to do with it I think. The info was very close to Saunders and was what I learned in school. 96% of my class (105 of us) have passed, the others have either failed or havenot tested yet for various reasons. As far as Hesi, I know more than a few that I was close with that BOMBED Hesi every single time and had to remediate in every content area that passed boards on the 1st try. By the way, we had to make 80% on every single test to even pass the class. 80% is a C. Talk about difficult.
  4. by   jessica_clark
    Our nursing program was the same. You had to make a "C" to pass which was 80% in the nursing program.