Focus is the key

  1. Hey there guys! I believe that one of the factors to pass the exam is being FOCUSED and Discipline. I badly need some advices on how to get focus on the exam. I have a month left and i can't get myself into it. I have inconsistent time of studying and many proscrastinations. Even though I have plans of studying, I have no will power to do it. Until time passed without me even noticing it. Any response is very much appreciated. God bless.
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    you are not alone on this ordeal. i too have difficulty focusing at the moment. Having a bad flu, 2 kids to look after to and a husband. housework, kids school stuff, bored, depressed, sigh name it plus the everyday crisis of a family with 1 bread winner. i am trying very hard to find time to study. prayers is my way of meditation. it isnt easy. by the time i get my own time, i am already tired and my only option is to sleep or else no information will stay in my tired brain.

    i am trying. slowly but i will get there. be positive. at the moment, i am taking a step forward to making my extra time a review time. it isnt a lot but it will help. i stopped my everquest2 online gaming eventho i am deadhard addict on that game and my husband temporarily cancelled his subscription on that game as well. there are stuff that needs to sacrifice for the test. but we need to do it to stay focus. hopefully, we pass.
  4. by   gumdrop
    Thanks for sharing. You are right, prayer is a powerful tool here. By the way, When will you be taking your exam? How was your review so far? Good luck. :spin:
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    i am planning to take it last week of march. review is still very slow as usual since i am too sicky lately (flu) and insomia. latest at the moment? hurrah! i lost my voice again i am trying to answer questions but i hardly make it to 100 questions at the moment. as i always say, i will get there apparently
  6. by   Like2bFrisky
    you have to set up a schedule, a realistic one. promise yourself that if you follow through you can reward yourself after that study session is over.