Failed the NCLEX...What do I do now?

  1. Hi eveyone, I was just wondering what do people do, as far as employment, if they failed the NCLEX. I'm getting ready to quit my job the end of this month. I'm praying that I'm doing the right thing. The reason that I'm quiting is that is not in the medical field and I need time to study for the NCLEX which I am taking the end of April. Half of the time I'm so tired trying to burn both ends of the stick that I'm making a lot of mistakes at work and I don't think it is fair to them because they have been so good to me. Also, I only get to study three hours per night, which I believe I need more time, becuase it seems as if it is not sticky in this thick head of mines. So my question is if I fail the NCLEX can I still get a job in a hospital doing something?
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  3. by   Jme2007
    Yes, of course you can! You can work as a CNA, or even a unit secretary. You dont need to tell them you FAILED the nclex. Just tell any potential employer that you finished your RN program and will take the Nclex when you feel ready. You can also call to any potential employer and speak with a nurse recruiter about working as a unit secretary or cna and that your desire would be to work as an RN once you obtained licensure. I know there are many hospitals out there that would gladly take you!
    Good luck!