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  1. for all those who took their nclex 2nd time or 3rd or so in california..after how many days you receive d your eligibility letter after mailing your request for repeat examination..?
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  3. by   Life is in Mess
    I took around 2 to 3 weeks to mine. I just got my papers back yesterday and planning to give the exam 4th time very frautered i am tried of myself now are you taking 2nd time where in california is it RN or LVN. Good Luck
  4. by   jabO
    so two-three weeks for the eligibility to come? and wait for 45 days from my last exam right? im applying nclex-rn by the way,
  5. by   Fred's_Rule
    I applied before my 45 day limit and mailed the retake form to the BON and payment. and also to pearson application and payment. 45 days after I received acknowledgemant from pearson. Whats the next step? wait for my ATT right?
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    once you have received your test results, you may be able to send the reapplication letter. the board will review it. they might wait for you to finish the 45 days window period before they approve your application. the approval to retake nclex will be mailed to yah within 2-4 weeks. normally 2weeks.

    once you receive the board's approval, pay pearsonvue the $200.00 using your old registration via their website if none use the application form provided with the test result sent by BON, if u have registered via their website, your ATT will be sent to yah via E-mail after the payment has been cleard. normally takes within minutes to few hours same day.

    best of luck to all of us.
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  7. by   Fred's_Rule
    what i did was when I received the letter, i paid the bon and pearson the same time thru bank draft.. pearson has received the payment, no word from bon yet..
  8. by   hotley10
    When I reapply I changed my address, would this be a problem? Should I inform Cali-BON about this?