1. Has anyone used the ATI online program for the NCLEX? If so can you please give me the pros and cons, and any other info? Thanks.
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  3. by   MommyJoy
    I have the ATI books and DVDs. I have not taken any of their online tests. The books and DVDs are a good review, but you really need to know the information by the time you go through the books and watch the DVDs. They books are basically an outline of everything you learn in school. The DVDs are handy because they are easy to watch when folding laundry, walking on the treadmill etc. One tip, if you want to buy a set of books and dvds, get them off of ebay. I got mine there, and know about 12 other people who bought theres off of ebay. Of course, with ebay, you will not get access to the ATI online review. If you buy off of ebay, you need to know which books/dvds you are getting. Go to the ATI website and check out the current books/dvds, and make sure you are getting the full set. I actually have a cd set by a company called Meds Publishing. There are 32 audio cds covering everything from lab values to cardiac disorders. Then I have 6 more cds that cover pharmacology. I like the meds publishing stuff too. I personally think any audio stuff is helpful because you can use it when driving, eating etc. It lets you study, when you normally would not be able to.
  4. by   jajing
    hi there.i know this could be embarrasing for me but iam really in need of materials for my nclex review..Sad to say that iam currently experiencing financial problems.But what can I do but to resort to you guys who have made it to the NCLEX exam already....
    i came across with your message and i find it really interesting...
    If you please would like to help me...I know you're that far away from me but can you help me in some other ways..if you are just nearby I would like to borrow your cds..but it seems to be impossible...
    Anyway thank you for the time reading...
    God bless you.