Are You From California - pearson vue trick

  1. I took my exam yesterday and I have been getting "good-pop-up" so far but I would like to know how long have you waited to receive your passing letter?. Here in CA there is no quick-result option, and I am so inpatient to wait until I get the conformation letter. I hope the pearson vue trick is really true!
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  3. by   PandaBear007
    My friend and I took the exam yesterday too. We're both in CA. Got the "GOOD POP-UP".
    We both already had the feeling we passed bc the exam was easy. Congrats!
  4. by   Meimpress
    Thank you for the reply. Do you know when we will receive a letter from BON? I want to see a fact so I can believe it lol
  5. by   carebearsunshine
    Quote from Meimpress
    Thank you for the reply. Do you know when we will receive a letter from BON? I want to see a fact so I can believe it lol
    A lot of my friends received their results in a month. One of them received in 2 weeks and most of them 3weeks. Suck we don't do the fast results
  6. by   BerkeleyHopkinsNurse
    I took mine today and have been getting the good pop up (I'm not very confident in day-of PVT accuracy, but I only had 75 questions, and that's a good sign too). I don't know how long the mail results take, but I hear the CA board of nursing posts in a few days of you passing, as early as 48 hours after. You just search your name and see if it comes up; if it does, you definitely passed! And have your CA-RN license

    Board of Registered Nursing
  7. by   Bouncyball
    I took mine 2 days ago and my name and license number was on the brn website this morning!
  8. by   Meimpress
    Alright ladies I took my test on September 10th and this morning at 8am, I checked the BON and I saw my name and the license number there :-) Omg I cannot believe I am a registered nurse now. This was my second attempt. The first time I failed with 75questions, but the second time I passed with 265 questions. I kind of knew I had passed b/c the test was horribly difficult compared to the first time I took. Congratulations for those of you who passed and for the rest who are still working on it, I'll say just one thing: "NEVER GIVE UP!" God bless all of you for all your support :-)
  9. by   Meimpress
    Good pop-up is 99.99% accurate :-) As long as pearson vue is not letting you to pay $200 to re-register that means you passed. Congratulations RN :-)
  10. by   Meimpress
    CA does not have quick-results available but they are pretty fast at posting your results on website.
  11. by   mfierce
    So after taking the exam how soon can you try to register to get this good pop up? By good pop up does it say you already exist in the system and cannot retake the exam??
  12. by   KJoRN81
    I was told that it is available pretty much immediately after you take, go log in when you get to your car The "good pop up" means that it won't let you re-register to take it as you've already taken it and presumably passed (if it lets you re-register, not so much).

    HOWEVER, just for those of you out there depending on that, we were told by our DON that she has seen it give false results BOTH ways, so don't get too excited until you get your official notification.
  13. by   Meimpress
    Yes you can immediately find that out.