75 second time around would this mean I did worst

  1. I took the nclex rn exam the first time and ended at 151 and had totally freaked out. I was much more prepared and relaxed the second time and ended with 75 q. and felt pretty good. But of course now I wonder if I had failed because I was too relaxed, plus is getting 75 the second time bad? Or is it the same for anyone getting 75 questions? I was wondering if you get harder questions or your chances get more difficult to pass once you failed.

    Just freaking out!!!!! :stone
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    dont freak out. the number of items answered doesnt mean u passed or failed. it doesnt even tell u if u have done worst or u have done well. altho based on the number of people who answered 75 questions, more of them passed and few failed.
    enjoy the wait. best of luck to yah. and congratulations in advance.