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  1. Approximate wait time 48 business hours..........this is absolutely the worst waiting period ever....i took my test on friday @ 9am, do they count saturday as a business day, some places do, i also read a post where someone took their test on a friday at 11:30am and found out by noon on sunday...............ugh....i can't take it anymore....and not to mention i had to take the full 205 questions....
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    Hi there You can actually find out your results today...the results are posted 48 hours from the time you started (or finished the exam). so its not necessarily business days. Good luck! Let us know when you find out!
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    I PASSED! I found out around 9:30am. Goodluck to all who are still waiting!
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    :smiley_aa congratulations, It was worth the wait!! good luck in your career!
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