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Hello all!! I took my nclex yesterday at 8 am. Today at 10:30 my licence number was up on the BON site! First off let me say I'm an atlanta, ga student. I failed the first time with 265... Read More

  1. by   Karyssa
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    I'm also taking the exam next month and I'm so anxious! I'm taking Kaplan right now and my grades are not that high. I'm worried that I won't pass since the rates will increase next month.
    I think you will be fine. Just beef up on safe and effective care.
  2. by   Karyssa
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    Congrats to you..
    Thank you!
  3. by   kewl_nurse2b
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    It took me about 3 or 4 days with breaks
    woaahh!! 3 to 4 days only? good job
  4. by   denissek
    Congratulations!!!! How long took you to finish with all Kaplan Qtrainer???
  5. by   hbrak
    I took the NCLEX and unfortunately failed the first time. I did the Kaplan course this time around and took my time going through all of the question trainers and Qbanks. I studied for 4 weeks probably. At least 50 - 100 questions/day. I ended up doing all of the questions available and I passed the second time in 75 questions. I thought the test was easy compared to Kaplan. Kaplan completely prepares you for what you need to know. I wouldn't even waste your time looking at any other course books or classes. Don't practice doing Select All Questions either. You might not even get any on the test and even if you do, you can't prepare for those. Take my advice, don't waste your time and just do Kaplan and you'll easily pass!