2nd attempt NCLEX Passed! Uworld

  1. Hello everyone! Just wanted to share my story since this platform seemed the only thing that gave me answers when I was lost and discouraged about trying to take the nclex again!
    I graduated May 2016, it took forever to receive my ATT, most of my friends had already took the exam and I still hadn't even received my ATT. I took the exam November and failed for the first time with 162 questions! I used Kaplan and few other nursing books that I felt completely lost but decided that because my friends had passed with Kaplan it would be my case too! I was also dealing with personal stuff but still decided to take the exam!
    January 2018 I decided I finally would commit to start studying again and so I started studying meds and diseases i felt most weak in. In March, I decided to purchase Uworld and stuck to only uworld doing questions and reading the rationales to both wrong and right and writing notes on things that seemed important or things I was unfamiliar with!
    Fastforward to June 11, I took my exam and after 82 questions the computer shut off. I walked out of there with no feelings it felt so weird! I said a small prayer before walking out and then went to my car and just cried! I mean Cried lol Since it was my second attempt I was scared you literally walk out of there not knowing how to feel! I have heard a lot of Pearson Vue trick but didn't want to try it b cause that's how I found out I hadn't passed the first time before recieving my fail letter! So I waited 24 hours and then I logged onto ca breeze and my application no longer said pending! I was scared and started to cry again because the last attempt it also disappeared and then I failed so I thought I had failed again! However, I realized that only if it's your first time taking the time exam and Your application on CA BreEZe disappears it's very likely you failed! But if it's your 2nd attempt and it disappears then it doesn't necessarily mean you failed! After 48 hours at around 5:55am my license number was posted on ca breeze! Thank god! Just wanted to share my story because I got through it reading other peoples story on this platform.
    please feel free to message me if you have any questions!
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  3. by   2016srnfcc
    I am really happy for you! Coming back to tackle the beast after roughly two years is a motivational story. What did you do differently? how long did you study? did you feel the second time around was easier due to uworld?
  4. by   julsca
    I can sense your happiness in this mesage. I failed my first time too. I am looking for guidance. How was your study routine like? how did you schedual your life? did you get distracted and just tips to be focused? how did you motivate yourself? how much time did you feel was right for yourself? I kinda feel like 5% of me wants to pull out and give up but I'm still doing questions but not diligently

    either way congrats It's nice to know others passed in the same position as me.
  5. by   Dom27
    Yes, it was tough! I think the first time I was trying to do too much! Jumping from Kaplan to other nursing books but also what I think changed this time was practicing a lot of questions when the first time around I didn't practice much questions I was focused on too much content! Don't get me wrong content is definitely important but uworld helped me stay consistent I studied uworld 2 month and half just felt safe for me because it had been awhile but I definitely feel uworld helped me get use to seeing the type of questions such as priority and infection control and meds! Going back and reading rationales and writing notes helped me a lot! Consistency is key! My goals everyday was to do 75 questions all in one sitting and that includes going back and reading rationales! Hope i answered your questions?
  6. by   Dom27
    Yes, it definitely is such a relief! Especially when you see your classmates working it makes you just want it even more! However, I would always tell myself focus on yourself my time will come! You need to really want it to overcome it, never feel like you should give up if it's something You dream of then it will happen you just need to make changes! My study routine I feel was very doable like i said I started January 2018 looking over my areas that I felt most weak in using the ATI overview nursing book that my friend let me use and then in March I purchased uworld. When I purchased Uworld I started going to Starbucks and library to study I couldn't stay home I just wouldn't get things done! I gave myself 2-3 hours to do 75-100 questions and then go over both right and wrong and write rationales to things I felt I needed to go over later on! I rarely studied on the weekends because those were my family days but throughout the week I definitely was very consistent with my studying! I motivated myself by imagining working in my dream job and being able to make what I went through in nursing school worth it lol I have a son and a husband so they also knew I had to sacrfrice some time! I had a very good support system that I was able to go away for a few hours a day and solely focus on NCLEX. It just has to be done you have to sacrfrice things to get where you want to!