265 questions and passed!!!

  1. This website was my saving grace during this rough time. I've taken the NCLEX-RN three times!! (Passed on my third try) 1st time:265 questions. Used Kaplan; Second time 94 questions used uworld only; and this time 265 questions took the ready to pass class. My exam was a mixture of SATA, place in order, priority, delegation and ekg strips. My advice to everyone that is about to take the exam is do what works for you during nursing school. If you're a visual learner, than have visual aids to help you remember information, use mnemonics (there are a ton online), use colorful pens, and index cards to make it easier to flip through. If you're better at hearing audio clips YouTube. Look for short videos nothing lengthy because it'll get redundant. An example of good short videos are tootrn and simple nursing. They are just examples there are a lot of good videos out there.

    Now for those awaiting results I didn't do the Pearson VUE trick this time around for multiple reasons. Now the PVT trick worked both times for me. I got the bad pop up, was charged and sure enough I failed. I made sure I put in all the correct CC info too. My issue with that is that I would receive my ATT and be forced to study and take the test before I was even ready to. And as the time to take the test drew near I would feel overwhelmed. So I promised myself this time around I'll wait for the grueling 48 hours and then apply for the exam 30 days prior to being done with my studying. There's also a disclaimer on the Pearson website saying that they grade the exam twice(one by the site and one by Pearson) before the results are given. I just thought that hopefully this would give me a better chance of making it to pass level. Idk it helped ease my mind. For the 48hrs I spent the day telling myself that I passed and if for whatever reason I didn't I wouldn't give up. I'll keep trying no matter what happened. I'm happy that it's over and I cried when I found out that I made it. I thank god and everyone in my family that supported me.

    Good luck to everyone and if anyone has any questions please message me and I'll do my best to try to help.
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