2 months post graduation and still waiting to take NCLEX

  1. Hello everyone. I am seeking some advice.

    I graduated July 27, 2012 from a PN program. In order to officially pass at my school we need to pass an ATI Exit exam, and are given 2 tries (if you fail after the 2nd attempt you must repeat the last semester and then take the exit again)

    I passed my first attempt (99% chance of passing NCLEX); however, out of the 50 people in the program, more than half did not. No biggie, they got to re-take a week before school was finished.

    Well July 27 came and went, and 15 still did not pass. BUT I DID. So I thought everything was ok and my school would send in all paperwork and payments to the Florida Board of Nursing and to Pearson. My school sends out the checks, but it was paid out of my tuition.

    It's been 2 months and the FBON is STILL waiting to receive a check from my school.

    What has my school been doing in the meantime? Letting those 15 student who failed take a remedial course and get a 3rd attempt at the ATI Exit tomorrow (09/26).

    What have I been doing? Talking up the chain of command and being told that "checks will be sent out in a few days".....I have been hearing this every week since graduating.

    What should I do? I was told Friday that checks were sent out, but do I keep believing them? What actions can I take to ensure that the school finally sends out my payment?
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  3. by   roseonye
    wait a week and find out the status of your application