NCLEX only or both CGFNS & NCLEX conflicting information being given

U.S.A. Florida


Hi to all florida nurses,

Now know I only require NCLEX thanks for your help.

Please could you answer a few questions for me please, pretty please with cherry's on top.

At present i am a RN in UK, going through the immigration process. At present work full time and always have, usually night duty, wondering wether to go part time but concerned about the "learning curve" and wether it would be more advisable to work full time until settled. Any advice?

As nursing salarys bennefits differ in UK could one or more of you pass info to me regarding normal full time salary. Do you recieve unsociable hrs pay ie night pay enhancements. What is considered your usual holiday entitelment? or any other input would be greatly recieved:D

Looking to work in the central florida area, Have you experienced working around this location and if so share your experiences good or bad.

Are there any ex UK nurses still out there? who would like to share their experiences good and bad.

Have been qualified and working 6+ yrs in NHS, worked in acute medical unit, ICU/HDU now working on surgical unit.

Moving out there with husband and 2 children, probably central florida area. Don't like sand but love sun humidity and sea.

bye for now



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Yup, most states just go with the NCLEX now.


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Yup, most states just go with the NCLEX now.
HI Im a scottish nurse who wants to work in Florida, just a quick question do you know if I have to sit the CGFNS exam or is it just the NCLEX? It Be fab if you could let me know thanks jules


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Hi Jules06

Nice to meet you :) the NCLEX is the only exam they require if your first language is english. Its like the state finals here.

Contact the CGFNS there are alot of forms :uhoh3: to fill out so its wise to get started now. I began in august 2003 and am still waiting for a letter called ATT (Autherization To Test) my school of nursing are being a bit lapse in replys to the CGFNS :angryfire. I have found many contacts here who are at varying points of immigration, one of the girls who I speak to regulary has just passed her 2nd attempt at the NCLEX :balloons: .

Hope to hear soon that I can sit the NCLEX then once thats passed can interview for jobs and apply for my florida nursing licence.

If you need any help just contact me :)


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