NCLEX Candidate Report NEW YORK BON

by Aylla Aylla, BSN, RN (New) New

Hello everyone!

Did any of you that are licensed in NY receive a NCLEX candidate report after passing the exam??
I'm having this issue with the NY BON.
I passed the NCLEX about 8 months ago and never received an email with the official results, I paid for the quick results to know if I passed and I did get my license issued about a week later and received an envelope by mail with my certificate and physical license. The thing is, I'm a foreign educated nurse and I need my NCLEX candidate report with the official results that I have passed for my visa screening process as the government requires for it, but I never received it and the NYBON said they do not send out report if you have passed the exam and NCSBN also won't send it to the candidate only to the NRB. Anyone has any clues on how can I solve this issue? I'm really desperate and afraid I might loose my sponsorship because of this issue =(