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NCLEX August '17 (RN Mastery App)

by kpeery kpeery (New) New

Hi All!

I used this site so much during my trek of studying for the NCLEX, so I wanted to share what I went through, what I used to study, and how I felt after taking the NCLEX.

I graduated my ASN program in Florida on 8/3/17, was approved by the BON on 8/14, and received my ATT on 8/15. I had to travel 2 hours away (which I was fine with) to take my NCLEX yesterday (8/28/17).

Throughout nursing school, we used ATI as our standardized assessment at the end of every class and received extra points if we achieved a level 2 or 3. Before graduation, we took the comprehensive predictor and I received a 98% chance of passing the NCLEX on the first try. So from the time I got my ATT until the day before I took the NCLEX, I would do roughly a 50 question practice test on ATI each day.

My preceptor referred me to an app called NCLEX RN Mastery. It was $40 but worth every. single. penny. I knew I needed something for my phone that I could have handy with me at any time and not have to lug around a book or laptop. The questions gave awesome rationales and I felt the questions were harder than the NCLEX. There's also generic drug charts, lab values, skills, etc to look over. This app was MORE than amazing!!!

I never once used Kaplan.

For about 2 weeks, I would do over 100 questions on the app each day (which seems daunting, but was very doable) plus an ATI test. On ATI, I was averaging around 70% and on the Mastery app, I averaged 60%. This scared me a little but a lot of the questions had information I don't remember learning. More than anything, the app helped me understand how to answer the questions--and NOT just memorizing facts. I answered almost all of the 1800 questions that the app provides.

The morning of my NCLEX, I was a nervous wreck and had to wait until 1300 to take it. I arrived at the testing center 40 min early and they allowed me to start at 1240. I would say that a little less than half of the questions were SATA. Surprisingly, I felt confident in most of my answers and the exam shut off at 75! I was relieved but wasn't letting my hopes get too high. I know so many people say that if you feel like you failed, you passed...but I truly didn't feel that I failed (which scared me a little) and made me wonder if I got too many easy questions.

The PVT did work for me and my friend who took it on the same day as me! This morning (8/29/17) at 0830, I checked the DOH website for my exam results and it showed that I PASSED! I looked up my license number right after and it was there!

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I just wanted to share my experience and hope that it can help someone else. Feel free to ask questions and good luck on your NCLEX! ;)