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NCLEX Archer Qbank score suggestions

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by Erika90 Erika90 (New) New Nurse Student

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I am almost at the end of my Nursing school and just started preparing for NCLEX. I have started reading Saunders but obviously, Qbanks are the best way to learn the concepts well. I can not afford expensive Qbanks.  I am doing Archer NCLEX qbank which has rave reviews on Facebook suggesting it is very similar to UWorld but Archer comes free for 60 days. Learning from their rationales which are very good as well. I am also going to complete LACharity and attempt NCLEX mastery. 

I am doing Archer Qbank and now, getting about 55% on average. Is it something that's sufficient to pass on the real NCLEX exam? Peer averages on this Qbank are apparently around 52%. 


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