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Hi, has anyone here took NCLEX RN and stopped at 75 and failed? ☹️ I challenged NMI brn and i did pvt as soon as i reached home which i think was 15mins after i got home. It did let me register for another exam. 😭 i had exactly 13 SATA and many prioritization and delegation questions. I had a hard time picking the right answer because all answers where corrent and it didnt ask for the best answer 😭 i feel horrible right now, i passed all my exams and seems like this is the first time im failing. 😭 i am still hoping that i did pvt too early and nmi brn hasnt looked at my results. Quick results are not available til friday too.

I dont know what to do 😭

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Hang in there until you get the results. Try not to worry too much.

You can wait 2 days. "Back in old days", the wait was more like 2 months.

I wish you luck.

@lexilove Did it take $200 from you? You might not have done the whole PVT trick completely unless you submitted payment or got your card declined.

They took $ already though it its still processing. Im still putting my hopes up because my friend got charged too and she passed. She was even charged twice.

Did you end up passing even after you were charged?

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