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I know this has been asked a million times but here it goes. I am looking for a good NCLEX book to study from throughout my two years of school and to study for the NCLEX when I am ready to take the test. Does any one have any recommendations on what one is the best to get???

I'm also looking at any other books that would be beneficial in my studies as well. I have seen on several posts that the books "______ made incredibly easy" are great to have. Which ones would you recommend???

I have gotten the RN notes which I think will be a great investment but I just wanted to get a head start on buying books or knowing what to buy when it is time.

Any input would be great...

Thanks!!!!!:rolleyes: :D :)


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Mosby's and Saunders are good NCLEX books. Incredibly Easy also makes a NCLEX RN Questions and Answers made Incredibly Easy which I LOVE and it has helped me tremendously. I have Nursing Procedures MIE, Dosage Calculations MIE, the NCLEX one, Fluids & Electrolytes MIE, Psychiatric Nursing and IV Therapy MIE. They're all wonderful, very helpful. I'm going to order the EKG MIE soon, I start cardiac in March. Go on places like and amazon - you can find used ones at good savings.


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I have the NCLEX-PN made easy. I like it alot and it has actually helped me do some of my clinical work. I've seen those little flip books of nursing notes and those look like something handy to have as well...kinda pricey though...

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Make sure you get an NCLEX book that reflects the newer format.

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