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I have a the Board aloud to give out information regarding your current ongoing undecided investigation to potential and employers and current employers? It was illegal in NV but this is what is happening to me and I need to know if they are be prejudicial against me because I have now lost 2 potential jobs and also I was fired from one of the agencies I work for. Also just got an email after 10 months that they want an in person interview...

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You will want to change your name to something other than your real name.

Im trying and it not allowing me

Just curious if you had any information to the question that I ask about investigations and freely giving that information out to pretty much anyone prior to an investigation being completed

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I would think that it would depend what the investigation is for, but, I think it would be highly unlikely that your BON would call individual work places to notify them of an investigation. However, it is more likely that your BON has added something akin to "under investigation" to your online license record. That information is public.

If you have a compact RN license, then you're listed on NURSY, and employers can and do subscribe to monitor for license status changes on NURSY. They get an email as soon as something changes, from my understanding.

Either way, it behooves you to be upfront and honest about the investigation when communicating with current or future employers. 

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