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So I'm currently a BSN student in NC with one more year to go. Next year Im moving to PA and will be taking the NCLEX. I was looking on the PA State Board website and saw that out of state applicants with a program of less than 1500 clock hours have to come up with additional clinical hours or CE hours. My program is 855 clincial hours and 135 lab hours (not including classroom time). I was just wondering has anyone had to deal with this before and what should I do? Is there an easier way to go about this? Like can I get my license in NC then apply for a PA license without worrying about this? Would appreciate any advice! Thank you!

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Good day, nursequee:

I'm still a nursing student with a little over 2 years to go before the NCLEX, so what I'm sharing is based on what I would do based on knowing the exact answer to your question. Personally, I would take the NCLEX in the state where my school/residence was located prior to any move to another state. Then work through endorsement issues.

Thank you.

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1500 hours is requirement for Practical Nursing (PN) Program only, not BSN program.

See: Frequently Asked Questions for the Student/Graduate Nurse

If my PN program is less than 1500 hours of education, must I obtain more education or clinical training hours to determine my eligibility?

Yes. Applicants of programs with less than 1500 hours of education can remediate the deficient education through a combination of additional education and training totaling 1500 hours. Worked hours on a TPP can also be counted toward the 1500 hours.

Classroom+ Clinical + lab hours = nursing education received.


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So there is no clock hour rule for RN's? My program in FL was 900 hours.