Navy Reserve June Boards


Anyone else waiting on June boards for Navy Reserve direct commission? Applied for an OR RN position.

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I am applying as a Np. Waiting for my packet to be put together.

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Hello. Did you have interview? If so, What questions did they ask you?

General information i.e. background, work experience, etc.

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Well my packet has been sent off. My recruiter told me it was due Friday so he sent my information in.

Have you heard back yet?

No word yet, the board was to meet sometime this month and then they have a 30 day window to notify you of their decision. Good luck to you!

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No word yet, I heard the selection board was delayed.

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I will be waiting for Board selection for FY18 beginning Nov 1.

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Update: I've been selected! Next, the wait for commission and then ODS!


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Hello, are you currently in the Navy reserve? I am about to submit my packet for Med-surge in Navy reserve. I want to make sure that it is not a problem to switch specialty after the first contract. I recently started working in OR and want to be a periop nurse in the navy reserve later.