Navy - ability to go to school on the side?

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Hi there,

I was picked for this years Navy Nurse Candidate Program and was wondering how realistic it would be for me to be able to take only 1 in class college course at a time while on active duty. I understand it depends on situation, so maybe apply it to your own and let me know your thoughts. Continuing education is vitally important to me, and subjects of interest aren't always nursing. Thanks!

I'd say totally realistic if talking about distance / computer based training that is not lab dependent and thus on your own time.

No doubt online classes are a possibility, I meant more for an in class course though. I know we trade shifts every so many weeks or so, but is it possible to perhaps stay on nights a semester? I know that because something is possible doesn't mean it's reasonable - is it reasonable?

it is unreasonable to plan any of that until you arrive at your duty station, yes.

until then you don't know your rotation, your chain of command, the pace, distance to school, etc... you also will be busy being a 'new' nurse, being a 'new navy officer', getting acclimated all around.

I would tailor your life to not having those expectations.. not making immediate plans for vacation, etc - show up and test the waters. best of luck and congrats on the NCP - great opportunity for you!

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