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NAU/Gateway CEP roll call!

So who was accepted for the NAU/GWCC cohort?? I was and put down the evening as my preference so I am crossing my fingers!

Thought we could start a thread and get to know one another! Also, who will be going to the orientation at NAU on Saturday?

I am so excited and nervous all at the same time. I can't believe we start in two months!

I'm curious to see who else, if anyone does reply to this thread!! I can't wait for the orientation tomorrow. Hopefully we will hear down thing from those that went today!!

I got accepted and will be going tomorrow to orientation. :-) I put days down as preferred, since my kids will be in school.

It is exciting, I went to the orientation today. I put down for evenings at gateway and fast track with NAU.

So great to meet a couple more people that are going to Gateway!! I feel like we are in the minority with all the Glendale people at orientation... :-| It should be good though! I can't wait to start! These next couple months are going to fly by!

Where are you all doing CPR for healthcare providers? I have a current CPR card but from Heart Savers which it says on the checklist they don't count.

I have to redo mine too because it's from heart savers as well. I'm thinking I'll either go through the red cross or see if F.D. does them. I wonder why the heart savers isn't accepted?

Hey Guys,

Anyone get an info packet yet? Does anyone know if we are suppose to take our health documents down to gateway?

I have not received an info packet yet! I have been checking the health stuff off....vaccines, titers, Dr sign-off, etc. Hope the info packet comes soon so we know when to take all that info to them.

Any one hear any info about the cc side of things?

Who's getting excited?!? 😄😁

Hey how have summer classes been treating you guys? I am curious about these books for block 1, it kinda seems like we don't have the option to buy used books. Does anyone have any info on this

Not going to NAU, but I got accepted to the GateWay/UIU CEP! I put evenings for my preference, as my husband works in the morning and we'll need someone to stay home with the baby! Can't wait to meet all you guys!

Yeah pretty much not an option for buying used. I went and priced the access codes and the books used and it was only like $100 difference so I figure it will save my sanity to just buy the bundle and be done with it. Good news is that it is the bulk of the books so we shouldn't have too much to add on each block!

Classes are going good so far...I keep having to tell myself to stop being so hard on myself. I'm having lots of fun learning all of this as it is all new to me!

OK, the time is getting that much closer...I'm so nervous! Hope everyone did well in these summer classes. Has anyone received any emails besides the booklist? I know we will have assignments when we leave orientation so if anyone is interested in starting a study group I am all for it. We might have a good opportunity to be ahead of the game with this thread.

Hello all, I got into the nau/gwcc night cohort not my first choice but I'm happy I'm in :) just finished my HCR 240 class so it's official. Yay! So I live in Peoria and am traveling to Gateway, is anybody in this situation. I'm also looking for study buddies on the west side.

Hey Congrats on getting in. I live north off the I 17, so hoping to find study buddies as well. But I think we all start with orientation tomorrow for Fall 2015 and it sounds like you still have the nau classes to take first...Good luck this is all very exciting

Oh yea, I start gwcc jan 2016, so any tips on nur 330 or these initial nau classes?

Hello everyone! & congrats!

I got accepted at ASU/GWCC. Im going to be driving from avondale to gateway too starting in jan. A study group sounds awesome. Those of u who got into nau will obviously have different course work onljne but we will still we all be in the same lecture, labs, & clinicals at gwcc. Ibthink a study groupnis a great idea! Cant wait to meet everyone and get started on this exciting process:)

See everyone soon!

Hello NAU classmates! I was wondering what everyone was going to wear for NUR 307 lab? It says that the professional attire is a navy blue NAU polo shirt with slacks. I think I would be totally uncomfortable in that so was thinking of just getting the Maricopa scrubs. I don't want to be the only one wearing them so thought I would ask for some input.


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