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Hello all,

I'm looking for people who are in the same boat as me - already applied to NAU's fast track program that starts this summer and are anxiously awaiting news that won't come until the end of February/early March. I'm thinking that maybe if I can find others to comiserate with, the waiting won't be as bad.

A little about me: I'm an EMT living in Phoenix with a previous Bachelor's in Psychology. I work in an ER rather than on an ambulance so I have more extensive training because I'm under direct medical supervision. It's this experience that has taught me that nursing is the right path for me because I've never found anything to be more challenging nor more satisfying. The waiting for a response from NAU is so torturous because I am so ready to start my career.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone else who is out there...


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Hey Meg,

Exact same boat as you. I have an undergrad in Kinesiology and work as an ER Tech under my EMT-B license. I'm not sure what the applicant pool looks like for 2012 but I remember one of the advisors saying they're expecting around 100 applicants this year; they accept 30 per cohort. I know the two major contributors for admission are your prerequisite GPA and Kaplan test score. I applied to PA schools this year but haven't felt much love so I decided to open an alternative route for myself. I'm from Detroit and don't know much about Flagstaff or NAU but it seems like a great situation from what I gather. How are you feeling about your admissions? -Mike


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I love Flagstaff so it's just another reason why I'm so eager to get accepted. It's a hippie mountain town but I think it will be a great experience to live there for at least a year.

I feel pretty good about my chances though my pre-req GPA isn't the greatest. 3.48 GPA with none in progress and a 88 on the Kaplan, which Gregg the advisor said was pretty solid and is above the average as far as I can find online. I also have 2.5 years as an ERT, 1.5 years as a volunteer crisis counselor and I had 4 people submit recommendation forms for me rather than just the required 2 - I figured every little bit helps.

Is this the only nursing program you applied to?


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I applied to Seattle Universities APNI program. It's a 27 month program where the first year you do an accelerated RN then you moved directly into their FNP program. Tuition isn't bad but cost of living in Seattle is really high. I also applied to University of Detroit Mercy's PA program. An 88 is a pretty good score for the Kaplan exam and your 3.48 wont kill you but i don't think its in the top percentile for admittance. I've also been a tech for about three years and we share very similar score so it should be interesting. I think our extensive background will help out tremendously in an accelerated program. Have you applied anywhere else?


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I think experience as an ER tech specifically will definitely give us an advantage because of the skills we've already learned as well as the patient care experience. In my ER, I start IVs and foleys, run EKGs, apply splints and do a fair amount of wound care in addition to point of care testing, transports and general nurse/provider assistance. I just worry about my techniques being hyper-critiqued.

I've kind put all my eggs into one basket with this, which may not be smart but ASU has a similar program with two application cycles so I can go for that if NAU doesn't work out. NAU is the one I really want though.

You're not going to share your GPA and score?


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Hi I applied as well to the cohort. I got a 3.4 on my prereq GPA and a 89% on the Kaplan. So looks like were in the same boat. I hear that the 89% is competitive and the median GPA last year as 3.7. So we have a good chance! I went through 2 blocks of an RN program at Yavapai college but had to quit because of being laid off and getting a 76.6% in medsurg and needed a 77%. Yes, that was a horrible day.


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I find it interesting that in past years, there were lots of responders to these kinds of posts but not a lot this year. Are people just not using allnurses to research NAU anymore?


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Has anyone heard anything yet? The NAU accelerated program is the only program I applied to this year and I am starting to get really nervous. I know last year they had over 100 applicants for 30 spots. Yikes!

I applied as well with a 3.89 GPA and a 75% Kaplan.

I only have on B in the pre-reqs.

English was very hard for me on the Kaplan as it is not my native language.

Otherwise I am waiting also for an answer in the mail...very nervous.

Anyone knows when we are expected to find out ?

I do, but I only read the posts. I finally signed up to post for the first time.


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Hey fellow nursing student hopefuls,

I got my acceptance letter in the mail today... So excited! I hope you all get good news soon too.