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NAU ABSN Program 2021

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Hey guys! Currently, I am an NAU student majoring biomedical sciences and minoring in Chemistry. I am graduating in Spring 2021 and I am interested in applying to the ABSN program at NAU. My overall GPA is a 3.58.

These are my current stats for the ABSN program:

B/A BIO 201: Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 and Lab

A/B BIO 202: Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 and lab

B/A BIO 205: Microbiology and Lab

A/ BIO 320: General Pathology

A/ PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

A/ PSY 240: Developmental Psychology (must cover the full lifespan)

(IP)/ NTS 135: Human Nutrition

B/ 270: Applied Statistics (PSY 230)

Current GPA: 3.58

With an “A” grade in NTS 135: 3.6

I have already started studying for the Kaplan and I am planning on taking the exam in November 2020. I am using the book that the NAU nursing department recommended. But what other resources should I use to study? I know my GPA is on the lower end so is there anything else I should do to strengthen my application?

I appreciate any advice that is given to me! Thank you!

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