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National University San diego July 2013 cohort 35

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Hi guys,

I applied for the BSN program at National University July 2013 cohort 35 and I am in the process of waiting to hear if I got accepted or not. Unfortunately,my TEAS score were not as good.I did my TEAS in March. I am so stressed out and the wait is killing me. I was just wondering? is there anyone else out there who applied for the July intake and is also waiting to hear the outcome?I hope so. And have you heard anything yet?Please write back and let me know how you all are doing.

Thanks guys.

Hi! I took the TEAS in March too, and I am still anxiously waiting for an acceptance or denial letter! I did not do so well on my TEaS either. What was your score? And do you know of any others that are trying to get into the July cohort?

Hi :)! I also applied to cohort 35. I did really good on my teas but my GPA is low so I'm also extremely worried about my application!Do you guys know when we'll find out if we make it or not?

What were your TEAS scores? And grades? I'm so nervous :( I think we don't find out til the end of this month?

My teas score was 90.7 and I think I have an overall science GPa of 3.0 so pretty low. Ugh I'm so mad at myself for that because I took one of the science class a couple of years ago and back then my priorities were not where they should have been and I got a c so I can't retake it. I wish we'd find out sooner, I think it would sting less if rejected because it would be less wasted time. Do you guys know how many people applied to this period? How did you guy think you did on the essay?

My teas was a 74 and this is my second applicatoin :( I don't know exactly what my science GPA is but I know that I have 1 C and the rest are A's and B's. It makes me really nervous, because I really want to get accepted already! I feel like my life is on hold with all this waiting! LOL. Good job with the TEAS test, that's a good score! and your GPA is pretty good. I say you totally have a chance. But that makes me even more nervous :( lol

Yes, I knw what you mean about putting your life on hold. It's like I don't even want to make plans for summer because I don't know if I' m going to be able to follow through. I feel like all I've been saying lately is I'll get back to you with an answer lol. But hopefully we will know in less than a month. Well I've been reading some of the other national university threads and they say that each application period is different and that alternates have a good chance of getting into the program. I'm hoping that some of the people who applied to this cohort applied to other schools as well and if they get into those other schools give up their spot since dont they find out around this time as well?

Hi yogamommy1021 and ksanto92,

I am so happy tp hear from you guyz. I never thought anyone would reply. You two are the only ones so far that I know applied for the july cohort. This waiting game has made me an allnurses.com stalker so finally I had to start this thread. I barely sleep well this days just thinking and wondering if I will get in or not.My Teas score were horrible for sure I got a 64% so you can imagine how many tears I have shed since that day :down:. This is my 1st application. How do you calculate the GPA? I did pretty well in my preqs but I have no idea about the essay. I did ask when we should expect to hear if we got in and was told end of April.

I hope we all have a chance. I really want to find out already! Lol. Have you guys heard anything yet?'or anything even about the application pool? Im not too sure how to calculate the science GPA either?

Hi again, I believe you just add up your three science classes (3lectures + 3labs) and biomedical statistics(7 classes total).

I think its 4=A 3=b 2=C. Then you divide by 28( 7x4=28 which is the total possible point you could have gotten) and multiply by 30. This is how you would get your science based points. If you want to know your gpa then you multiply it by four instead of 30. If you have plus or minuses then i would suggest looking through that big catalog book that we got when we enrolled and look at how many points you get for each grade. I'm worried for the essay portion, I'm a good essay writer but i tend to do bad during timed essays because i try to make a perfect introduction and then I run out of time for the other parts so i rush them. This is my first attempt as well, so i still don't know what to expect. Ksantos do you know how many people applied to the last cohort you applied to and what the cut off points were?

Oh also if you did your science classes in community college like me you probably didn't get a lab grade just a pass or failed. If that's the case they just add the grade you got in lecture to your lab so if you had an A in anatomy then they give you an A in Anatomy lab and if you got a B in microbiology they give you a b in micro lab.

Hi guys! I applied to this the July cohort as well. I've been so anxious to find out whether or not I get accepted. I had talked to my advisor and he said that we should find out towards the end of this month, but to be sure to contact the nursing department. I'm glad I'm not the only one on high alert. I've been trying to stay busy with the other courses i'm taking, but it's impossible knowing that the results are right around the corner!

Anyone heard anything yet? This wait is killing me for sure!

Hi Yohamommy1021, Thanks a lot for the break down on how to calculate the gpa I was wondering how do we add the TEAS to the total we get from the sciences? Also does anyone know what was the percentage cut off for the last cohort was? I just want to have an idea so that I can know what to expect am really having a nervous breakdown over hear waiting for God knows what the answer is!!!!and when we are ever gonna hear from them.

For teas points you divide by 100 then you multiply by 30. I heard the cut off points for most cohorts are in the mid to low 80s. Do you guys think we'll knw this week? I try to not think about it but its hard not to. I guess all we can do is hope for the best :)

Hey yogamommy1021, trust me its hard not to think about it:( I eat, drink, sleep and awake up thinking about this!I dont know what else to do to keep my brain occupied! When I asked I was told we should hear from them end of April. I think thats why my mind is not relaxing. But all we can do is hope for the very best. I just need to know right now so that I can move on with plan B which at this point in time is non-existence........

A good friend of mine got in last cohort with a 76, 4.0 gpa, and she didn't finish the essay. The TEAS and essay are worth more than the GPA, which is great for those of us who didn't put their all into it a few years back.

I applied to this cohort as well, and still waiting. I had a good TEAS score of 83, and my GPA is a 3.5.

Anyone hear anything back from them yet? Thanks