are NAS, equipment,and a secretary a luxury?

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hi everyone. frustration, frustration! i want to know if this is happening everywhere and it just gets worse or if some places are worse than others. My unit has a huge shortage of equipment, nurses aids, and even secretaries. i don't understand how you can possible survive and no errors and or ommisions of care to take place when it is 10:30 in the am and about 10 charts are pilled waiting for a secretary to take all kind of orders off. in some cases stat orders. i made sure i took care of my stat meds orders as much as had time and was awared of it. but what about the ones i don't, other RNs don't know, MDs don't tell us, we don't have time and or knowledge on how to do it and so on. the day before we ha a secretary from almost 8 am already until 3;30 then what i just described above happened until the very end of the day. the charge RN yesterday was making herself appeared, blind, deaf, idiotized, careless and uncapable. does this happen in your place too? what is going to happen with our pts? how much worst is it going to ge? i am drained. :mad: :stone :angryfire :nono: monica


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"how much worst is it going to get? "

A LOT worse, IMHO.

Why? Because nurses are very reluctant to organize, set limits, and stand up for themselves and each other. It is as simple as that.


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i am very frustrate b/c i am concerned about my and all pts. this is why i need to know if it is like this everywhere. i cannot do it. it is against my principles. my "caring" coworkers tell me "we just have to do the best we can. the others just do less than what is in their powe, keep their popularity intact and go home at 7:30 sharp or earlier. i am depressed on my day off to go back tomorrow. i feel like i want to throw up. is it like this everywhere? please give me good news. irma:stone


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but yes, working conditions for nurses are difficult most places today. Your plight is the plight of most nurses in your position, I'd wager.

Until we force a change it will be business as usual for facilities. Why would they want to hire more help, buy more supplies unless they have to?

After we have job hopped awhile it becomes clearer. The longer nurses procrastinate in organizing and speaking the truth, the longer this will go on, IMHO. :stone

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I tried to get the union in our hospital two seperate times and was met by cowardly blank apathetic stares and "umm, ohh, errr, I don't know...". They obviously enjoy the working conditions. Gives them something to bitc* about.

It is the same more or less everywhere.


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well, thank you for replies. it is not making me feel better though. i will not tolerate calling myself a nurse and a pt's advocate if i allow this. i have only been a nurse for 2 years and i am not very popular at work b/c i put my pt's first, period. i need all of you guys if you could, even if your repply is a yes or no, let me know if what i am going through is normal in your unit or if it is once in a while that you have no secretary or nurse aid. if this pool that i am starting ends up with the painful true that this is NORMAL everywhere, i am looking for a different way to help pts as a nurse. is it any different at the emergency room? do you have a litle more control in there since you get different kind of orders and more stat than for throughout pt's hospitalization? help!!:confused: monica


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Yes, they are luxuries on my unit too -- and that's in ICU. We're always scrambling for blood pressure cuffs, monitor cables, working pulse oximeters, etc. Secretary? Only if there's more 10 patients on the unit. Nurses Aide? Hardly ever. We have old beds and have to use a sling bedscale (our new Intensivists are horrified). Just want you want to do with some fragile near-death dialysis patient -- slinging them up and down to get the pre- and post-dialysis weight. Sometimes we even run out of nurses' notes, lol. That's how efficient my unit's manager is.

Sometimes the beds break. Had one break in the HOB up position and then the patient needed CPR. Had to move him onto a new bed to perform CPR.

And Friday is my last day on this unit. I'm moving to a hospital that has a brand new ICU with all new equipment. I can't wait.


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OH Zee RN i am so happy for you and also jelous. maybe what i need to is look around and study the place really well before i commit to work there. i was accused by my own nursing teacher who i used to admire that i am TOO idealistic about nursing, "there is not such thing as perfect nursing," he said. i am extremely depressed today even skiping my beloved gym b/c i feel disgusted about knowing that i am part the MEAT MARKET that is practiced at my job. is there hope for me to find something a litle better? thank you, monica

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