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Narrative Report??


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What does a narrative report mean??? I have to interview a nurse with at least a BS degree in nursing. They say write it as a narrative report in APA and not a transcript of the interview. Please clarify these for me. My profs are on Spring break. I have 3 weeks till its due but i want to get a head start


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A narrative is a story. In this case it means something like "rather than just give me a verbatim (word for word) account of the interview, tell me the nurses' story."

For example:

Julie is a thirty-eight year old woman who decided as a child that she wanted to become a nurse after watching her brother, who had leukaemia, being cared for in hospital. At first she thought that she'd like to work in oncology, but a rotation through casualty as a student captured her attention.

'I think the deciding moment was when we had a multi-trauma," Julie said. "There was just so much going on...'

Good luck!

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