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NAPA VALLEY COLLEGE First Come First Serve 2017


Hey everyone! Has anybody else applied to NVC's first come first serve nursing program?? They said we would hear back the last week of August and I haven't heard anything yet. (Obviously it could be today or even tomorrow). I just wanted to know if a lot of people applied or if anyone had received an email??



Hi, I received an email on 8/31.

Me too. I received it in the evening. I got into the program, which is super nice! Did you? Looking to get to know some classmates! Thanks!

Yes. I got in too!! Congrats!!! I'm so excited.

Nice ! I'll see you at orientation! Nervous and excited all at once ! Did you do pre req's at Napa ? I did them at SRJC primarily.

I did some pre req's at Napa and Solano. I'm nervous too! Do you know anyone else that applied?

No. I know a lot of people that applied to SRJC though I think the CNA cert threw some people off from applying. I doubt I'll know anyone in the program. A little nervous about that!

Hi!! I received an email too on 8/31...I got in! Super excited and can't wait!

Congratulations to those who got in! I'm hoping to apply for the next round. Those of you who got in how did you submit your application? Did you have to hand deliver it, or mail it? Just wondering what the best way is .

Hey! Sorry to hear you didn't get in. I did this- got all immunizations paperwork ready, had application filled out and ready to go then at 8:45am on the first day that applications opened I went down to the post office and waited there (yes I looked like a weirdo) until 9:00am sharp and then had the guy scan it in, put postage on it and print out and make a copy of my receipt. I put a receipt in the envelope that I mailed to the collage (they accept you by that time/date on receipt). I saved a copy for myself in case there was any confusion. But, for those needing it wanted a spot I am likely going to give mine up because I got a last minute acceptance at Santa Rosa Jumior college ! Hopefully this helped !

I mailed my application in and I think thats the best way.

Hey there! Once you start the program could you update me and tell me how you like it. Im applying but nervous since their past NCLEX and since they were closed for awhile

Hey! The NCLEX rates last time had gone

Back up to 92%. (I was at orientation) So, that is good news! Also, they weren't closed, they just weren't taking any new cohorts until they had settled their new curriculum. All is good at this point :)