Nanda Diagnosis Help!!!


I can not think of 2 nanda diagnosis to go with Duodenal Atresia. If anyone can give me some ideas I would really appreciate it.


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Nursing diagnosis is always based on your assessment of the patient rather than the medical diagnosis. The diagnoses could vary widely depending on the pt's age, stage of illness, etc. Tell us more.

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hi, future peds nurse, and welcome to allnurses! :welcome:

just as doctors diagnose a condition based upon the symptoms a patient has, a nurse bases nursing diagnoses upon the symptoms, or abnormal assessment data, that the patient has. your entire care plan is dependent on the signs and symptoms, or abnormal assessment data, you obtain during step #1 of the nursing process.

  1. assessment (collect data from medical record, do a physical assessment of the patient, assess adl's, look up information about your patient's medical diseases/conditions to learn about the signs and symptoms and pathophysiology)
  2. determination of the patient's problem(s)/nursing diagnosis (make a list of the abnormal assessment data, match your abnormal assessment data to likely nursing diagnoses, decide on the nursing diagnoses to use)
  3. planning (write measurable goals/outcomes and nursing interventions)
  4. implementation (initiate the care plan)
  5. evaluation (determine if goals/outcomes have been met)

the nursing diagnosis, goals and nursing interventions are all based upon these symptoms. and, every nursing diagnosis has a listing of symptoms (nanda calls them defining characteristics). your patient must have at least one or more of these defining characteristics in order for the patient to qualify to be classified with that diagnosis.

so, if you would please post your patient's symptoms, then i can help you determine what some of the patient's problems (nursing diagnoses) are.

there is information on care planning on these threads:

The patient is 15 days old but, I actually had clinical today and turned in my care plan. I found "all nurses" web-site last night but will for sure now start to post questions that come up. Thanks for the assistance!


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