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name change

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HELP!!! My name changed over 6 months ago. I faxed all the forms and proof of ID to NM BON. They still havent changed my name and wont return any of my calls! My name is changed in everything else in my life (bank, drivers license, social security...) but not at work because of NM BON. what do I do?

Go to their office, talk to the supervisor.

contact your state Senator to intervene on your behalf.

let it go. it might be best, for some reason as yet unclear, to keep your current name.

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I ran into an issue like this a while back (not over a name change, but the lack of return calls for a simple issue). I was trying to get a number from a past license from another state (it wasn't listed on the agency's website). I couldn't get past the technology to speak to a human being. The request could have been handled in less than five minutes. Instead I went through the automated system and was repeatedly dumped to a voice mail box that was usually already full, and the few times it wasn't my calls weren't returned. I finally called the Governor's Office in that state and explained my dilemma, and one of the Governor's aides gave me an alternate phone number for the Board of Nursing that got me a live person on the first try.


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thx Ill try that!

I had a very hard time getting a hold of the NM BON too! I resorted to e-mail so that I had proof of contact, they answered me quicker too!


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