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N. orlando dr's offices??

hi - im brand new to the area (ill be living in lake mary.) i just graduated nursing school and would prefer not to work in the hospital setting (its just not for me.) i know most doctors offices hire by word of mouth.. does anyone happen to know of any doctor's offices that are currently hiring? any help would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

kstec specializes in Geriatrics/Family Practice.

I'm not even close to being from that area, but I can tell you how most people get into doctor's offices around here. Get on the internet and look up the hospitals and they should have a list of all open jobs in the healthcare system, including clinic nurses. Atleast that is how all three of the hospitals do it here. Good luck in your search.

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I recently supervised an office serving 300 patients per day. We had 4 RN.

They all had to be able to operate independently. Able to assess patients quickly & accurately, whether they walked in or telephoned for advice.

As a professional, It's really important to have a solid skill & knowledge base to draw from. Schooling alone doesn't do that.

I'd really encourage you to obtain a year or two of experience in a setting that will provide you with the preceptoring & mentoring that is critical when you get out of school.

kstec specializes in Geriatrics/Family Practice.

Don't be discouraged, I was a new grad and was hired before I even took my boards. Working in a clinic is mostly on the job training. You'll do fine. Our clinics operate around here with almost all LPN's and we do just fine. There will be other people around to use for resources and eventually you'll work independently. I have been working independently since about 4 months on the job. I would still apply, alot of clinics will hire new grads and train you the way the want you trained. Good Luck

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