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We have taken our 11 month to the doctor multiple times since Feb 8th. He has had 2 ear infections treated with amoxicilian and augmentin. His ears look to be healed they said. Hes on augmentin now for his ears. He is STILL running a fever that he's had off and on since Feb 8th. Went to the ER last night he got two injection of antibiotics. Chest xray was negative, Flu test was negative. White blood cells were elevated. Any advice what this could be? Why does he still have a fever? Anything else i can make the doctor do or test him for? i just don't understand why he's had this fever off and on for so long. He doesn't really have any cold symptoms so could this really be a virus?



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I understand you are a concerned mom looking for answers, but we can't give medical advice on this forum. Best wishes for the health of your son.

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If you feel like your son is not getting the care he needs it is always your right as the parent to see another doc for a second opinion, maybe another doc in the same practice. Another practice completely if you need to. I would be worried as well with the fever. What did they say about the elevated WBCs? I would be looking into that and demanding more answers. Thats my opinion --as a mom myself. You have to be careful when they are that young.

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Hello, Porcha,

Yes, you need to keep in close contact with your son's physician and/or seek out another medical opinion. We cannot assist you in the manner you need per Terms of Service.

We hope everything resolves soon.

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