My stress is building up. HELP!!!!!!!


Hi, I am really really stressed out right now.

I just graduated in May and I have been trying to get ready for the NCLEX for months even before I graduated. I am so frustrated that I can only study so little everyday.

There are a lot of reasons to this:

1. I am a slow reader

2. I have a really bad memory so all the stuff that I studied in class, I had already given back to the instructors.

3. I don't have time. I have two kids and I am in the middle of trying to sell my house right now. There are one to two, sometimes even 3 showings per day!

Please can anyone tell me what I can do to get myself ready for this darn test?

I have 4 books and 2 CDs with me. I find the Mosby review really helpful but I can only study so little everyday. I will not be able to take my test on August 8! I am running out of time. I am bearly doing 30 questions per day. And my score is between 60 to 70% (how embarrassing):stone

Do you think taking the Kaplan review will be helpful? Do they only teach you the test taking techiques? or do they review all the pharmacology, med/surg, child bearing, etc...?

What is the best and cheapest review class that you had taken and helped you passing for the 1st time?

I have already got an offer for an internship in September but if I don't pass, the hospital might hold on to my sign on bonus. That means I have to pass on Aug 8! Please help!!!!!!:crying2:

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