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My 1st Ever New Graduate BSN Interview!!!

Hello all!

So in the next few weeks I have my first ever interview at a hospital!!! I'm from the NJ/NY area. I graduated from nursing school 3 weeks ago and already have landed an interview! I haven't taken my NCLEX yet but will within the next month or so.

I would just like to ask about the Interview Process, specifically the end of the Interview! I have already purchased Thank You cards for the interviewers, one for the Head Nurse Recruiter and the other is the CNO of the hospital!!!!!!!! :)

1) How do I "send" the Thank You card? I read that people say within 24 hours.

Do I put a stamp on it and drop it off in a mailbox right away, after the interview or before?

2) Should I write it ahead of time, so that I can hand deliver it to them righhttttt after our interview? I read that people suggest to include specific things in the card that you and the interviewer discussed about so that he/she may remember you.

3) The Thank You card that I bought is not all white with simple "Thank You" lettering on the front of it, it has a blue design on it (but not too crazy!), is that OK? I feel like it'll show that I took that extra mile.

4) Should I give a Thank You card to the Recruiter's secretary? She called me twice in regards to my interviews (location, date, time, etc) and she was extremely nice and helpful! Yay or nay?

*Pretty much this is my first time interviewing and I just want to be sure that I do everything correctly!* LOL

I appreciate anyone who can share their thoughts/ideas on this! This may even help out new grads out there who are starting to interview in the future! I hope this post will help others!


whomever you meet with will provide you with an email address. you should email your follow up and send the hand written one (optional) addressed to the person you met asap!

DolceVita, BSN, RN

Has 9 years experience. Specializes in IMCU.

My general advice on professional thank you notes:

Have some cards printed with just your initial or initials. 4 x 6 light card stock creamish. Matching envelopes. This is not so expensive and you will use them throughout your professional career (and personal life).

Buy a book or two of plain stamps - no puppies or kittens.

If you have plain, classy address labels...use them.

Type out your thank you note first. Check spelling and grammar -- less is more for content. Transfer to the note card in handwriting. Mention the position name.

Date and sign legibly.

Address neatly. Use your return address.

Mention admin assistants by name if they were helpful

Drop it in the mail no later than the next morning.


When I was faced with several candidates of equal quality, the one who sent the handwritten thank you note got the job. I emails and typed letters from everyone else. Other people can boo this post. But I have a friend who just hired a new grad at her clinic for the same reason. I think that is cool. Now, if an employer doesn't think it is cool that someone makes extra effort? I don't want to work there because they aren't looking someone with imagination and potential.

Good luck!

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