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My school now test with HESI.

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My school is requiring an 80% on math, reading and english and a 40% on the science. I am so depressed because I am absolutely horrible at math :(. What kind of math is on there what would you recommend I did. My school Laredo Community College only allows us 1 chance per application :(.


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Elsevier publishes a book called Hesi Admission Assessment Exam Review. If you use that book to study your math and can do all the types of math problems they have in that book, you will do fine on that section. I hadn't taken a math course in quite a while when I took the entrance exam but I used that book and scored very well. Good luck to you!

Thank you :)! Did your school require you to have an 80% on the math section. That makes me extremely nervous.


Specializes in public health, women's health, reproductive health.

I don't remember what our required score was, but using that book and knowing how to do the different types of math problems in it got me a score well into the 90s. Again, good luck. You can do it. You will find that it's probably not as difficult as you are anticipating.

ETA: Take your time on the math problems when you are taking the test. Don't rush. I choose to do the math section first while I was fresh and well rested because we could take the various parts of the HESI in any order we chose.

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I wonder why the science portion is only worth 40% when the science of nursing is a big part of what is a nurse. Math on the other hand, it's not like we do complicated algebra or differentiation on the job... lol

I will be taking the Hesi in feb. The nursing school I will be attending does not require a science section at all. But a 70% in math reading and vocab