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My resume


Specializes in NICU.


I am having a hard time finding work with no experience. I would like some honest opinions on my resume. I take criticism very well. I have omitted some private information such as my name, address and phone number and job locations. All opinions and suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you


Specializes in NICU.


I am a very hardworking, motivated, reliable, empathetic and talented person who is looking to obtain a position within a highly established and growing health care facility where I can gain intellectual experience and provide quality care to clients while I pursue my education in nursing


Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program

Skills and Qualifications

C.N.A Certification obtained in June 2012

•Safety and Infection Control

•Recording Vital Signs

•Medical Terminology

•Activities of Daily Living

•Anatomy and Physiology

•Client observation

•CPR and First Aid certified

•Behavioral Management Certified

•Clinical Experience at (Nursing Home) (30 Hours)

Professional Experience



Lead Returns Associate

I am responsible for processing customer returns and exchanges, doing price adjustments and overseeing customer returns and exchanges that are in the responsibility of sales associates

(Real Estate)

I achieved and excelled company sales on a weekly basis

I also responded to all inquiries, complaints or questions via telephone, email or one on one meetings with the customers


I helped teachers with the basic needs of students to provide them quality care in their learning environment

I also worked as an Office Assistant handling office stationery, ensuring attendance records in the main office, maintaining confidentiality and security while handling office documents of students, parents, church members and staff

Volunteer Experience

August 2009 Avon Breast Cancer Walk

June 2008 Vote for Obama Campaign

2004-2008 Girl Scouts of America

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Specializes in PACU, LTC, Med-Surg, Telemetry, Psych. Has 4 years experience.

Eliminate the Vote for Obama campaign. You may like Obama and it may have been cool to work for those folks, but you never know. The HR person may have autographed pictures of Ronald Reagan enshrined in candles and American flags at the house. Your political views are none of your employer's bussiness and can only hurt you if the person making decisions has an opposing view.

Eliminate the real estate. It is considered a higher job skill. Unfortunately, many HR folks raise a red flag if you apply for a job lesser than what you did before. They will feel you are desperate and will ditch them the moment another employer starts talking a living wage. Most folks that hire CNAs pay a pittance and depend on you having no other options to keep you coming to work.

Consider why you need a resume in the first place. Most of these places only take one look at this, smile, then throw it in some file and make you fill out an application. All the info they really need is the places you have worked with numbers and your CNA number. Now, you get further in Allied Health like RN, COTA, anesthesia tech, PT, ect that is a different story.

That said, maybe you can apply to dietary or another department as well. It is much easier to get in something if you are already in the door. Getting more education is also something to consider as education can overcome lack of experience sometimes if the degree/ lisc is in demand enough. You will have less folks to compete against though even RN is becoming overcrowded in some areas.


Specializes in NICU.

Thank you , I never thought about that (the obama campaign and the real estate). That makes a lot of sense. I will be updating my resume today ;)

I will give those departments consideration when I become a RN. Thanks for your help.