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Praise God! Passed my NCLEX with 75 questions!

After many weeks of studying, stressing, and eating my anxieties, I'm officially a registered nurse looking forward to starting my new job! Many posts on here personally helped me so here are my top 3 tips:

1. Maintain your support system -- The constant encouragement and prayers of my family and friends always motivated me to continue studying. Also, make sure to enjoy your days, unwinding with and without people rather than intensely studying all the time! My greatest strength came from God, thus prayer and reading His words in the Bible truly gave me peace in my heart.

2. Use 3 study sources max -- I found that scrambling to try to get in content/practice questions from too many different sources/books only left me feeling overwhelmed. Like most people, I used Kaplan and am SO GRATEFUL I did. I always thought my problem was not knowing content, but realized that the NCLEX is truly different from nursing school exams and is not testing your knowledge on pathophysiology, anatomy, etc. So I finished the whole Qbank (average of 60%), questions trainers, etc. and read all the rationales, which really aligned my mind with how to interpret & answer the questions on the NCLEX. My second source was the LaCharity Delegation book, which is a great way to practice application questions AND learn some content. The third source I used off and on were my old nursing school notes, concise study guides I made, notecards, etc. that I had handy and helped me refresh my memory. I had the Elsevier book with a lot of content, but did not use it.

3. Make a goal for each day in advance -- Whether it's answering 50 practice questions or getting through a chapter of content, write it down and make sure it is checked off at the end of the day! Basically keep yourself accountable and even reward yourself after!

These tips are not anything new I'm sure, but are what truly kept me going :) Remember, it is no coincidence that you finished nursing school and now have the opportunity to study for this licensure exam. There is a greater purpose as you add R.N. after your name and serve as healing hands to those that need them!! Good luck everyone!!

Hi actsc1v8! Congrats! How long did you study for? I take the NCLEX on the 7th. Im also doing kaplan, I have a Lippincott book as well but I'm not real studying from that. Did you utilize the decision tree for all your questions? I'm starting to feel the stress a little. ....I just don't know what to expect. I've read other posts and most people say kaplan is a sufficient study source, but all they say is to read the rationales which I am doing, but I'm not sure if I'm "getting it". I also feel like my content knowledge isn't up to par with these kaplan questions. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! :geek:


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Hi congrats on passing!! i take the Nclex on july 1 tuesday. i have been using kaplan did all 900+ of the questions from the Qbank. watch the review videos! they help and re take the questions that you missed to make sure that you are retaining the information.

im nervous too! but we got this :)


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have you gotten the results in the mail yet!!?? im waiting on mine now :) too it July 1, got the "good" pop up.