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I just had to share my NCLEX story being that this forum has been so helpful in helping me know what to expect throughout this whole experience. I graduated may 2012 and just took my exam today. 75 questions. Only 10 SATA to my suprise, and it was much harder than I expected.. I did NOT find the questions easier than Kaplan in my opinion. I used Kaplan by the way. Finished all my Qbank 2 days before my exam. And I keep getting the "good pop-up" so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it works!

My Kaplan scores throughout my study process were:

QTrainer 1- 56%

QTrainer 2- 60%

QTrainer 3- 48% (i wasn't happy!)

Diagnostic- 59%

Readiness- 59%

QTrainer 4- 56%

QTrainer 5- 63%

QTrainer 6- 58%

QTrainer 7- 56%

I hope this helps ease the anxiety some people are feeling who dont think they are ready yet, that was me this morning. I was afraid because my scores didn't seem that awesome, but I guess I was ready! Big tip, Don't freak out test day! I was soo nervous I could hear my heart pounding through the headset I was wearing! Take a deep breath and just do it! I think I was praying even during the test ha, doesn't hurt to have the big guy on your side :)You made it through school, this is just ONE more test in the process.

congratulations!!!!! :w00t:

i take my test july 3! i have been studying hurst, i wasnt aware of kaplan until i discovered i hate to buy kaplan this short of notice, any suggestions that helped you?? good luck to you in your nursing journey! god bless!

[email protected] if you have anything that your willing to help with!!!

Questions and more questions, I'm sure Hurst is great too, maybe even reaching out to a library for more review books could help. Reading the rational helped me a lot, learned new things every time I practiced. I even downloaded the free Kaplan qbank app which I used when I was on the go. You'll be great just don't give yourself another option and just do it :) also reviewing basic stuff like hepatitis and having a general idea of medication categories. I didn't recognize one med I saw, but I tried my best to pick the most logical answer. Good luck!!!!!

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Congratulations! :yeah:

Your Kaplan scores make me feel a little better. My scores are around that, but panic is starting to settle in. I feel like I haven't learned one single thing throughout school as the test gets closer. I test in two weeks. What did your overall QBank scores look like if you don't mind me asking?

My total Qbank results were 57%, not much different from my Qtrainers. Good luck!! :)

i'm so happy for you, :yelclap: congratulation. i will be taking mine in july 2nd. hope to be like you soon.

Congrats!!!! I've been getting similar scores and take the test in two weeks. Your post really makes me feel better.

Was there any other resources you used other than Kaplan?

Thank you!

I really only used Kaplan, just looked things up I wasn't sure of otherwise. Good luck!!

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Congrats. Welcome on board.

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Hi! I saw your post about moving to Jax and would love to talk more with you. I currently am a BSN RN at Children's healthcare of Atlanta but my boyfriend and I have been long distance for a year so it's time for me to try to move down that way. My dream would of course be Wolfsons but I'm just not having much luck. Would love to email you and chat if you felt comfortable!

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