My NCLEX Story & PVT: How I Prepared for Exam


Above all things, I give all the glory and praise to God My heavenly father!! I have passed my NCLEX exam after writing 75 questions. I can truly testify that God has been faithful to me. I am not the kind to write posts online but I had to share God's good work with the hope that it will encourage another Nursing student. Praying is the strongest weapon, and believe that God hears your silent prayers. When preparing for the exam, I remember feeling overwhelmed, scared, anxious and terrified. Honestly some nights, I dreamed of NCLEX questions lol:no: Not good at alll!! Thats when you know you are over doing it. Anyways, I suppose God knew He had to send me some kind of message because I was a mess. So the following night while I did my bible study, God revealed to me EXodus 14:14 "The Lord HimSelf will fight for you. Just Stay Calm". The message was so silent, yet I could hear God's voice echoing through those words. Yes he was faithful to his words. Some might call it coincidence but I call it the power of God. Praise Him.

To study: I used variety of things

1) Hurst Review- Highly recommend it for reviewing contents. The lectures are simply AMAZING. It comes with 6 practice tests, each with 125questions. My averages ranged in 60s.

2)Kaplan Q bank- I believe this was the best tool!! The questions really force you to think critically! My marks on my tests ranged from 50s-to high 60s. Don't worry about the marks just read rationales and re-do the incorrect questions.

3) La Charity- by far the best prioritization and delegation book. I went through it only once. Please buy this book, you wont regret!!

4) Saunders - The book is way too big, urrg made me feel overwhelmed:no:. So I ditched the book and only did some of the practice questions the book offered online.

5) Simple Nursing with Michael Linares- I watched 90% of his videos, and wrote notes. My way of refreshing patho/phisiology. I just hate reading and would rather watch videos. I bought the full access to the site but you can access his videos on youtube :)

6) Kaplan NCLEX drug guide- this I bought a week before the exam. Impossible to memorize 300 meds in a week time frame!! I wish I had bought it earlier because its a small book and easy to carry around with you.

For the month of Feb, all I did was review content by watching videos and writing notes . The month of March, I did practice questions. I did 150-200/per day but of course lazy days I did 50Q or none at all. My marks on all my tests were 50s and 60s. So dont be discouraged, you are doing great. Just keep reading the rationales. I think I got 70% once and hosted a party for myself lol.


So I was very very skeptical of this trick, especially in Canada because they told us it wouldn't work here. After my exam, I thought I had nothing to loose and would just give it a go. I got the good pop up but I didn't tell anyone. Decided to wait for official results. Well i guess PVT works in Canada??

Nways am very sorry for my long post, but I hope it speaks so someone who is preparing for the NCLEX. May God give you the strength, focus, peace and wisdom aS you prepare for the exam. Do your part and leave the rest to God. You will do EXCELLENT! :)


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That was so encouraging... i am having my nclex in canada in less than 2 weeks ... thanx for motivation and positivity :) how long they took to inform you your official results?


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That was so encouraging... i am having my nclex in canada in less than 2 weeks ... thanx for motivation and positivity :) how long they took to inform you your official results?

Am glad you feel encouraged :) It took about 2 weeks to be informed of my official results but only because I wrote my exam on a long weekend. The usual wait is 4-7 days.


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Do pray me :) thats what these days i am sking my family and relatives to do for me :)


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We definitely did many of the same things - Hurst, Kaplan, LaCharity, Saunders, and most importantly...God and faith.

Again, congrats! :D

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