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I'm new to this forum. This is actually my first post, but i came here looking for some help, advice, and guidance. I currently work as a HHA employed by Allen Health Care. While i regret not getting certified in a higher rank first, i don't regret the experience because working as a HHA helped me decide my career path as a nurse. Graduating H.S. i was lost... and in a bit of a drastic situation so i had to get whatever job i could, and QUICK. i was doing some research and decided that i wanted to do a combination of CNA/PCT training and certify for that then work as a CNA/PCT while i study to be a RN. what are your opinions? Do you know of any affordable training programs that offer combined training?

Try a cuny program .. Although somewhat competive, Cuny programs are affordable. Examples are Medgar Evers, kingsborough community college, BMCC. You can apply for financial aid/ loans.


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I was actually considering Laguardia college for their RN program. But as far as CNA/PCT training goes,do you have any suggestions?


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I just finished my cna today at hostos community college honestly speaking I do not recommend it for cna that is what I did price wise it came up to about 1300$.

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Check to see if your state reimburses you for your class when you hire into a nursing home. I was not made aware that the state would pay me back for my CNA training UNTIL I finished the class and was giving my "where to go now" paper work.

Ask at where ever you intend to take the class.