My license is up for renewal but I'm under investigation

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my nursing license is due for renewal, however, my former employer submitted a complaint. Presently under investigation. Will the board renew, as it's investigation is not complete? Did not, presently "loose" my license. I am afraid if I put on the renewal "investigation" it won't renew.

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You don't really have a choice. Not renewing your license is not an option. If you don't renew, you don't have an active license.

You can only control your own actions, not what the Board is or isn't going to do. The process and outcome of your nursing license renewal during an ongoing investigation depends on the specific regulations and policies of the nursing board in your state or country.

However, here are some general steps and considerations:

  • Honesty and transparency. Being honest on your renewal application is crucial. You should disclose this information if the application asks whether you are under investigation. Providing false or misleading information can lead to more severe consequences, including potential disciplinary actions.
  • Consult the Nursing Board. Contact your state's nursing board directly to understand their policies regarding license renewal during an investigation. They can provide specific guidance based on your situation.
  • Seek legal advice. Consulting with an attorney specializing in professional licensing or healthcare law can be very helpful. They can provide advice tailored to your circumstances and help you navigate the investigation process.
  • Board policies. Some nursing boards may allow you to renew your license while the investigation is ongoing but may place conditions or restrictions depending on the nature of the complaint and the investigation's status.
  • Impact of investigation. The outcome of the investigation could affect your license status in the future, but being under investigation does not automatically mean your license will not be renewed. The board will likely consider the specifics of the complaint and any findings up to this point.

Actions to Take

  • Check the renewal form. Look for questions specifically about investigations and be prepared to answer truthfully.
  • Prepare documentation. Gather any documentation related to the investigation and be ready to provide it if requested by the board.
  • Communicate with the Board. Contact the nursing board to inform them of your situation and seek guidance on proceeding with your renewal application.

Steps to Follow

  • Complete the renewal application. Fill out the application truthfully, including the section about the ongoing investigation.
  • Submit required fees. Ensure you pay any required renewal fees.
  • Provide additional information if requested. If the board requests further information regarding the investigation, provide it promptly.

Follow Up. Keep in touch with the board to monitor the status of your renewal and the investigation.


Your license renewal may still proceed while under investigation, but it is critical to communicate honestly and proactively with the nursing board. Taking the necessary steps and seeking appropriate advice can help manage this process effectively.

 Best wishes,

Nurse Beth