My Kaplan score



I graduated 3 yrs from now and i enrolled in kaplan last january im so nervous my nclex is a month from now and what i got on my exams since i first started kaplan...

DX 48% didnt read any yet just took it so i would know my strength and weaknesses

QT 1 = 49% took it january

QT 2 = 62%

QT 3 = 49%

QT 4 = 49%

QT 5 = 62%

QT 6 = 64%

QT 7 = havent taken yet

Readiness = 65% took it march 24

my sked is a month from now...idk if im doing ok.. ?? any advice?

So far looking at the readiness test it looks good! anything 60 and up with kaplan is good.


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My qbank score is 53%completed 82% but the thing is that i started wen I was starting to study so it pulled my score down a lot. But ryt now my score is usually 58% and some 64% and few 48% so im worried... my exam is a month from now... tnx for the reply.. any advice