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My Journey at PCCTI 6months later.


Well i havent posted in a while but i just wanted to share some insight on my journey with PCCTI. While i can say it has not been all fun and games. I will say that ive had my ups and downs. In the beginning i felt like i was being set up for failure but after going through the process i can see why they make it so hard.

We were told on our first day to take a look around the class because half wouldnt make it to the end. I though this was the worst thing ever to hear. Yet it was true. Here we are at the end of our N101 and only a hand full of students made it to remediation. Let me say that my class started out kinda big. Towards the middle half that disappeared. some for personal issues and some were just not happy no matter what. towards the end it was 15 going into the final and ATi. of that 10 made it to remediation. when i tell you these test are no joke believe me.

it wasnt until i made it to remediation that i got the concept of test taking (when it come to nursing exams) i passed out of remediation now im waiting on N102 to start.

While i am not a advocate for any school. What i will say is do your homework and if you in a situation like I was in when i made the choice to come to PCCTI then you do what you have to do. Try you hardest not to remediate because its hell getting out.

Most of the stuff you all have heard yes its true. but you have to know what you overall purpose is. thats getting the knowledge you need to pass that NCLEX. nothing in life worth having is easy. Just keep pusing. I have met some wonderful people in my class we have a bond like no other. I am pulling for the 10 of use that went to remediation to make it. so far half are out we pulling for the other half.

my last thing i can say if you go into remediation try your best to go in at a high 80 that way you wont have as many points to make up. i read some where on here they say you can take up to 20% of your exams to bring you to the 84% is actually 40% they let you retake. you just have to work at it.

im open if you all have any questions.

on my count down.

I was deciding between ATS and PCCTI, but decided on going to ATS. I am glad that things are working out for you, but what is remediation? Are you still in your first year? I think that whatever school you attend you have to make the most out of it, do your work, and focus on the end goal (becoming a nurse). It sounds like you will be just fine, just keep up the hard-work.....Good Luck!!!!!!

Remediation is what you have to do if you don't score a 84% in n101. They let you take 40% of your exams to increase your score. I was thinking about ats but when I factored in the additional cost. It wasn't working for me. The Tuition At Pccti included everything. Books uniforms and supplies came up to be a difference of about 12k under ATS don't get me wrong you have to do what's best for you just for me ATS wasn't a good fit. I wish you luck on starting

Yeah, ATS is really expensive and I hope that I can get a quality education here. If I had known that everything was included in tuition I might have applied to PCCTI, but its too late now. It also sounds like they have a better policy than ATS because you have to get a 76% or higher or you fail and have to repeat and repay for that class again. Well, Good Luck and keep us posted on how your journey is going along the way!!!!!

It's the same at pccti but if u have 76% u get the chance to remediate and bring it up

The first semester is pre-reqs bascially and I start clinicals in January, and I believe they are mostly in nursing homes. What about you? Have you started yet and if so where are yours?


I'm starting at Pccti in November 17,2014 I've been reading alot of negative things about this school!! I want to know about clinical sites...how were they?....how far?...what sites? Could you please give me some info about this.

Thank you!!!

I start at PCCTI on November 14th since i am doing the weekend session. I also wanted to know about clinicals. I assumed they would be in nursing homes, but i wanted to get an idea of the locations of those nursing homes. When i was working awhile back they had ATS students traveling up north to a nursing home so i can imagine it varies. I would like to know more about recent experiences though

Hello all sorry it takes me so long to respont. i am never really on here. how ever i am happy to answer all questions you all have plz email me at babygirl . lox81 @ gmail thats the best way to get me. if you noticed i spaced the email because they dont really like use to post emails here i will respond within a few minutes of the emails. thanks in for understanding.

FYI clinical sites are all over. when i started we did one day at once facility then we were moved to another place. but ill tell yall all about that. and for the one thats doing that weekend class its tougher because what we get in a week they pack it all into two days. so good luck with that.

I'm doing weekends also.

I'm excited to get started. I know that Nursing school is a challenge regardless of which program or section you are doing, but I know that I am ready. I'm so pumped to get on my way, because there is so much I want to accomplish in the Nursing field.